Our site is a little different from other sites that offer correction of English grammar.

To help you get really good marks on your essay or report, the first thing that that we prefer to do is to check that you are in fact answering the question that you have been asked, are responding effectively to the question or prompt that you have been given, or are taking a suitable and effective approach in your letter.

So, in fact we offer two services:

1.We check that the material that you have written or your answer to a question is on-target.  If you’re not on-target,we make suggestions about how you should focus what you are writing.

2. We check your grammar.

Each of these services is low-cost. You can choose to have us do both, or just one.

Naturally, we suggest that you ask us to first check that you really are answering the question that you have been asked.   If you’re safely on-target, we’ll tell you that.  If you’re not well-focussed, we’ll give suggestions as to what you should do to focus your writing more effectively.

Naturally,  before we go about checking your grammar, we would like to be sure that your written material  really is focused on and relevant to the task that you are dealing with,  but if you prefer you can ask us to jump right in and just check your grammar.